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What is Urgent Care Extra?

Urgent Care Extra is one of the top providers of unplanned medical care in the US. Our knowledgeable and experienced doctors, friendly staff and inviting atmosphere put Urgent Care Extra a step ahead of traditional hospitals and other health clinics.

Ten years ago, two ER doctors founded Urgent Care Extra on the principle of providing the highest quality medical care to everyone who needed it. After spending their careers dealing with waiting room complaints, bad service, and fickle doctor-patient relationships, these two doctors decided they needed to vastly improve on the existing system of unscheduled healthcare. The end result: thousands of healthier, happier patients who got the care they needed when it mattered. As a leading healthcare clinic, the doctors and staff at Urgent Care Extra in Tempe are here to listen to your concerns, diagnose your ailments and provide treatment based on your best interests.

When the first Urgent Care Extra opened its doors, we knew we had something big on our hands. We all worked full days just to keep up with the flood of patients needing our medical expertise. We were too busy, and built another location; it overflowed immediately. Since then, we have built fourteen locations in two states, and another ten locations are in progress already. There are too many sick people for us to rest yet.