Northern & 43rd

Urgent Care Glendale: Walk in Clinic at Northern and 43rd

Are you in need of immediate medical care for a condition that’s not life-threatening, and you’d just as soon avoid the chaos of the hospital emergency room? You’ll find the best in Glendale urgent care at our walk in clinic at the intersection of W Northern Ave and N 43rd Ave. We’re on the southwest corner in Fry’s plaza, right behind Fry’s gas station. (Typhoon Car Wash is across from us on the west side of 43rd.) We’re proud to serve the community, including the students and staff of nearby Apollo High School, Cortez High School, Glendale High School, and the Glendale Union High School District at large.

Founded almost a decade ago by two doctors, our line of walk in clinics challenges the status quo of urgent care centers across Arizona and Nevada. Put simply, we saw a real need in the community that wasn’t being met by traditional means. Let’s face it: hospital emergency rooms are overburdened, and for those in need of medical assistance, they can be their own kind of trauma. Patients in need are often subjected to excessively long wait times, a chaotic atmosphere, and perfunctory care. We felt that our neighbors looking for Glendale urgent care deserved better, and that’s why we became so committed to delivering an urgent care clinic in Glendale that exceeds all expectations of what an emergency care clinic can be.

Urgent Care Services

When you use our walk in clinic – with or without an appointment – you can be sure you’ll be welcomed by an expert staff that’s deeply respectful of your pain. You’ve suffered an injury or a relapse of a painful condition; you don’t need a lot of red tape. What you need is to feel better right away, and as the gold standard in Glendale urgent care, that’s what we’re committed to realizing. We have deep roots in the community, and we care about your suffering as we would about all our neighbors. We won’t keep you waiting. With the absolute best in medical expertise and equipment at our disposal, we’ll make sure you feel better as soon as possible.