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Urgent Care Extra in Tempe – Your Trusted Family Medical Walk in Clinic

When it comes to unplanned medical care needs, few companies in America are as good or as reliable as an urgent care for a quick triage. With a staff of medical experts and an atmosphere meant to be relaxed and inviting, the walk in medical clinic facilities of Urgent Care Extra are the best.

One of the major problems of the healthcare system is that waiting rooms are usually bland and terrible and Doctors don’t seek to have a relationship with their patients thus providing terrible service. Finding a good walk-in doctor can be extremely time-consuming. When Urgent Care Extra was founded a decade ago, the goal was to create an environment that was better than the general emergency room experience. They wanted to forge a level personal medical care for a family medical walk in clinic that was staffed with the best care providers around.

Over the past decade, our company has improved dramatically and has become widespread. With many medical clinics located throughout two states, we are rapidly becoming the best in the business. Each of our facilities provides the same excellent standard of care and attention, no matter where they are or who walks in the door.