Greenway & 64th St

The Convenience of Urgent Care on Greenway Pkwy in Scottsdale

There are many reasons that Urgent Care Extra is an excellent alternative to most primary care physicians. Many of these reasons are related to the fact that we are a chain of convenience-oriented family medical walk in clinic providers. The simple fact that we do not require appointments and are open every day of the year will help anyone with a busy schedule. Anyone can just walk into one of our locations across Arizona and Nevada and receive professional medical care

At Urgent Care Extra, we understand that your time is valuable. We work hard to make your visit quick and efficiently. Our staff and providers work at strengthening their patient relationships so you receive personalized care every time you come in. We are more than just an urgent care facility but also your primary care physician.

We understand that in today’s society that convenience is important. Urgent Care Extra is equipped unlike other walk in medical clinic rivals. We can offer standard testing like blood tests or x-rays, along with medical services like routine checks, immunizations, and prescription refills. Our pharmacy within our clinics simplifies the process of getting your prescriptions when you need them.