Eastern & Horizon Ridge

Urgent Care or Primary Care Services in Henderson

Why Visit the Eastern Ave Urgent Care Extra?

Everyone needs to have a primary care physician, but most people don’t realize that an Urgent Care Extra facility can provide this service along with many unscheduled healthcare needs. Generally you don’t associate “walk in doctor” with a primary care, but this is a valuable service that is provided by us. There are many benefits making an urgent care be your general doctor making it a solid choice for anyone seeking an alternative for medical care from a doctor’s office or hospital.

A main reason to remember is that there are no appointments necessary at Urgent Care Extra. You can walk into any of our clinics and have a medical provider available to attend to your needs without long hours of waiting. Our family medical walk in clinics are also conveniently located and opened daily from 8:00am – 9:00pm. This means that if you need to take yourself or your kids to the doctor, you have the opportunity to be seen around your schedule.

At Urgent Care Extra, we understand that medical emergencies can happen even during holidays and weekends, which is why our offices remain open during such times. Our staff and providers accommodate you with our urgent and primary care medical services.