Dobson & Guadalupe

Mesa Urgent Care Clinic at Dobson and Guadalupe

For the best in Mesa urgent care, look no further than our walk in clinic at the intersection of S Dobson Rd and W Guadalupe Rd. If you’re suffering through an injury or the relapse of an existing condition and it’s not a life-threatening situation, we’re here to help provide immediate medical care in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. You’ll find us on the SE corner of the intersection in the plaza that includes Villa Tuscana Reception Hall. We share the street-side building with Great Clips. Proudly serving the Mesa Public School District, we welcome the students, faculty, and staff of nearby Dobson High School.

We founded our line of premium walk in clinics almost a decade ago based on a simple but vital insight: Mesa urgent care could and should be a lot better. As proud members of the community, we believed then and believe now that our neighbors deserve the best urgent care clinic Mesa can bring them. Yet what we saw was something else entirely: an emergency care clinic experience that was anything but compassionate to the needs of people at their most vulnerable. Suffering patients in need of attention were often made to endure excessively long wait times in an atmosphere so chaotic it could exacerbate the illness people were there to treat. Stress is not good in the best of times; when you’re in pain, it’s making a bad thing worse. On top of all that, the care people ultimately received was often perfunctory, delivered by a harried staff who tended to treat their patients like numbers.

Today, at our conveniently located walk in clinic, you’ll receive Mesa urgent care on your terms. We won’t make you wait an obscene amount of time, because we know that you’re in crisis. After all, you wouldn’t be at an urgent care center if you weren’t. With or without an appointment, you’ll be greeted by an expert staff of medical professionals who are deeply sympathetic to your pain and eager to help you get through it. It’s Mesa urgent care the way it was meant to be: compassionate, competent, and speedy. If you need our help, we’re committed to delivering it.

Urgent Care Services

Directions to Urgent Care Extra on Dobson & Guadalupe

Traveling on the Price Freeway, take Guadalupe Rd headed east and turn right into the shopping center just after passing Dobson Rd. We are on the SE corner.