Cheyenne & Durango

Urgent Care Las Vegas: Walk in Clinic at Cheyenne and Durango

You can find immediate medical care at 8300 W Cheyenne Ave #106 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our urgent care center is located just northeast of the intersection of Cheyenne and Durango in the Albertson’s shopping center, directly across from CVS. We happily serve the Clack school district, including Cimarron High School. We help all students, faculty, and local staff with all of their medical emergencies. Las Vegas urgent care can be found in one of the most convenient places possible for those living in Las Vegas! If you ever need non-life-threatening medical attention, you can stop into our walk in clinic any day of the week. You’ll be greeted with a team of professionals who are experienced with medical emergencies, can offer you compassionate care, and will treat you and your situation with urgency. The urgent care clinic om Las Vegas is an alternative for all of your medical emergencies, from new injuries to returning pain from other medical conditions. Whatever you need to get treated, we can help. las vegas urgent care When you need emergency medical care, stop by our emergency care clinic any day of the week between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm. We are proud supporters of the Las Vegas community and want to give back. We welcome any patients into our walk in clinic who need emergency medical care. Every single patient that visits is treated with the utmost level of respect. Their conditions are treated like any emergency should be: with urgency, high levels of care, and undivided attention. Our staff of professionals are friendly, courteous, and eager to help you in your situation. Give us a call today at our Las Vegas Urgent Care Extra with any questions that you have! We’ll be happy to help however we can.

urgent care las vegasDirections to Urgent Care Extra at Cheyenne and Durango

Heading east on W Cheyenne Ave, Urgent Care Center will be on your left. Pass through the Cheyenne and Durango intersection and turn left at the second entrance prior to passing through the Soaring Gulls and Cheyenne intersection. We are located in the Albertson’s shopping center at the SE corner, next to Einstein Bros Bagels and Chase Bank.