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Wouldn’t it be great if you could schedule emergencies? Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. That’s why Urgent Care Extra, the #1 immediate care system of medical clinics in the U.S. Southwest region, is here to assist for those unexpected non-life-threatening situations. We offer punctual, professional, on-point immediate medical care for a variety of needs.Your care is our #1 concern. Our medical professionals provide effective illness treatments and will tend to those nagging injuries, too. Wait times are much better than traditional primary care physician (PCP) and emergency rooms, so you’ll receive immediate attention.And Urgent Care Extra not only handles the immediate medical care needs, but we also provide scheduled, regular healthcare for any person, any age, anytime! Our urgent care walk-in clinic isn’t just for “urgent” situations. Our doctors, nurses and medical staff can devise and deliver a total year-round checkup routine for you and your loved ones.Plus, we’ve partnered with some of the area’s most popular and prestigious healthcare providers to give our patients the most compassionate and comprehensive medical attention possible. Cardiac specialists, physical therapists, pain management experts, women’s healthcare consultants and more – when it comes to medical referrals and networking, Urgent Care Extra always goes the extra mile for you. Our urgent care clinic is also an extra care clinic!

Urgent Care Clinics and So Much More – Discover the Difference at Urgent Care Extra

Since 2003, we’ve expanded to meet & exceed our customers’ needs. And today, we have over 40 Las Vegas and Phoenix-area offices to serve you. With ultra-convenient office hours – our offices are open 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM  – you can walk right in and receive prompt, immediate medical attention. A sprained ankle from a basketball game. A nagging cough that won’t go away. Or even a general checkup – whatever you’re looking to treat, Urgent Care Extra is your best possible option.The complete line of Urgent Care Extra services includes x-rays, on-site exams, weight loss programs and much more. In fact, many of our patients are so happy with their urgent care experience that they become regular visitors – their go-to urgent care clinic essentially has become their ongoing care clinic! With minimal wait times, affordable service and ultimate flexibility, Urgent Care Extra is a smart, sensible alternative to long wait times and the bureaucracy of emergency rooms. And you simply won’t find a more professional, dedicated and friendly staff than any of our urgent care clinics.

Immediate Medical Care in Arizona & Nevada – Visit Any of Our Urgent Care Clinics Today

Thank you for visiting the Urgent Care Extra website. If you experience an illness or injury that isn’t life-threatening, or would like to establish a long-term healthcare plan with our in-house PCPs, we hope you’ll visit us in person, too! Find the nearest Urgent Care Extra walk-in clinic near you, or call our medical care consultants at (480) 988-9108. You can also send an email to info@ucextra.com.