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OPEN DAILY: 8:00am - 9:00pm
6501 E Greenway Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
p.480.948.3314 | f.480.948.3588

What Our Patients Say

Prompt n courteous replies to all questions asked. Lance, Julia , Mike Assisted us. Your staff was very pleasant n professional I would certainly return if there was a need.
Oct 24, 2012

Experience was great! The dr was very informative and answered all my questions and gave good advice.
Nov 2, 2012

From the minute we entered until we left, my mom was treated very professionally. The doctor was extremely thorough and explained everything well to my mom. Staff and dr very friendly.
Nov 1, 2012

The staff is friendly and very professional. I felt very confident that the treatment I recd was top notch. I would highly recommend their service to anyone!
Nov 1, 2012

The staff is very helpful. In all the service was better tan I expected. Thank you!
Nov 1, 2012

What is Urgent Care Extra?

Urgent Care Extra is one of the top providers of unplanned medical care in the US. Our polite doctors, experienced staff and inviting atmosphere put Urgent Care Extra health clinics far ahead of traditional hospitals and other health care facilities.

Ten years ago, the first Urgent Care Extra was founded by two ER doctors who recognized the major problem with unscheduled health care. After years of time spent in long waiting rooms, with bad service and impersonal doctor-patient relationships, these two doctors decided to vastly improve upon the current system of unscheduled healthcare. The outcome: thousands of delighted, healthy patients. As a leading health clinic, our talented doctors and medical staff at Urgent Care Extra are listening to your concerns to provide you with treatment options focused on your best interests. Our primary objective is to provide you with a remedy to your distress.

When the first Urgent Care Extra opened its doors, we knew we had something big on our hands. Each of us worked full days just to keep up with the demand of patients needing our help. We knew we were too busy, and built another location. It was packed immediately. Ten years later, we have 14 locations in two states, and ten more locations are already in progress. There are just too many people in need of medical care for us to back down now.


When you are in pain, injured, or simply want a doctor, the problem can be solved with a simple visit with the fine doctors and staff at Urgent Care. No appointments are necessary, and we have the shortest waiting room times that you’ll find.

At Urgent Care Extra in Scottsdale, we offer a variety of basic medical services, including physicals for student athletes, immunizations, and dietary counseling, all without any prior appointment. If you are suffering with fractured bones, serious illness or other injury requiring immediate medical attention, all Urgent Care Extra health clinics offer an expansive array of emergency medical service. Once patients experience the atmosphere and expertise of Urgent Care, they usually return for non-urgent services like physicals and shots.

When your medical situation has become an emergency, filling out paperwork in the ER waiting room is not going to solve any of your problems. Urgent Care Extra in Scottsdale is open everyday from 8:00am to 9:00pm, and our wait times beat any traditional hospital or health care center. We think each person should have the opportunity to be healthy and happy. Our longer hours and walk-ins are there to help you start feeling better before you could schedule an appointment with a primary care physician.

Urgent Medical Care:

  • broken bones
  • abdominal pain
  • injuries
  • EKGs
  • lacerations
  • headaches
  • IVs
  • X-Rays
  • abscesses
  • back pain

Non-Urgent Services Without Appointment:

  • student physicals
  • DOT physicals
  • annual physicals
  • prescription weight loss
  • tetanus booster shots
  • pre-surgery prep
  • colds and flu
  • ingrown nails

The available medical services at Urgent Care in Scottsdale is much larger than our list here. We are able to handle nearly every type of medical issue, no matter the severity. If you do not see your condition or symptoms listed here, do not worry, just ask. Our trained staff are prepared to answer any and all of your questions.