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OPEN DAILY: 8:00am - 9:00pm
1955 W Guadalupe Rd, Suites 1 & 2, Mesa, AZ 85202
p.480.207.2990 | f.480.838.1541

What is Urgent Care Extra?

Urgent Care Extra is one of America’s leading providers of unplanned medical care. Our friendly doctors, skilled staff and inviting atmosphere place Urgent Care Extra a cut above traditional hospitals and other health clinics.

A decade ago, the first Urgent Care Extra health clinic was founded by two ER Doctors who saw a great problem in the methods for providing rapid medical care. After wasting years of time in waiting rooms dealing with lackluster service and invisible doctor-patient relationships, their experience was more than enough to vastly improve on the existing system of unplanned medical care. The result? Thousands of patients come to Urgent Care Extra every day to provide treatment for their health problems. As one of Arizona’s leading health clinics, the doctors and staff of Urgent Care Extra in Mesa are listening to your concerns, diagnosing your conditions and providing treatment based on your best interests. Our goal is to see your health restored.

When we opened the first Urgent Care Extra health clinic, we knew we had something special in our hands. We spent every waking hour keeping up with the patients who needed our medical abilities. We knew it was too busy, and built another location soon. That location was opened to a full house. Less than ten years later, we have over 14 locations across Arizona and Nevada, and are building more clinics all the time. We will not rest until everyone has access to the medical care everyone deserves.


When you are ill, injured or simply need to speak to a medical professional, the answer is as simple as talking to the friendly staff at Urgent Care Extra. We welcome walk-ins; you never need an appointment and our waiting room times are the shortest you will find.

When you are visiting Urgent Care Extra in Mesa, you will have access to an array of standard medical care including sports physicals for student athletes, immunizations, diet counseling and more, all without an appointment. If you are suffering from broken bones, sickness or other medical problems that need emergency care, all Urgent Care Extra clinics are prepared to provide emergency medical care. When your medical emergency is treated by Urgent Care Extra, you’ll know why patients return for non-urgent services like physicals and shots.

Filling out paperwork in a crowded waiting room for three hours is not going to get you immediate medical attention. Urgent Care Extra in Mesa averages shorter wait times than any hospital, and we are open from 8:00am to 9:00pm daily. Great health and happiness are something everyone deserves a fair chance at. Our extended hours and walk-ins are meant to encourage and benefit our patients. At Urgent Care Extra, you will feel relief long before you would be able to schedule a visit with your primary care physician.

Urgent Medical Care:

  • broken bones
  • abdominal pain
  • injuries
  • EKGs
  • lacerations
  • headaches
  • IVs
  • X-Rays
  • abscesses
  • back pain

Non-Urgent Services Without Appointment:

  • student physicals
  • DOT physicals
  • annual physicals
  • prescription weight loss
  • tetanus booster shots
  • pre-surgery prep
  • colds and flu
  • ingrown nails

The array of medical services available at Urgent Care Extra in Mesa is longer than what we’ve listed here. We are able to handle nearly any medical issue or emergency, no matter the severity. If you have not seen your condition or symptoms listed here, do not worry, just ask. Our expertly trained staff are qualified to answer any and all of your medical questions.